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Note: The following instructions applies to version 2.0 and higher. For previous versions, please, use the instructions described here.

With the system user created and the environment configured, the next step is the actual installation of the system, which is performed from a distribution file. This file is aways generated by the development team and built from the final test installation, after all tests have been performed.

Uncompressing the installation file
At the home area of the csgrid user, create a directory for the intallation, for example, csgrid. Inside this directory, the installation procedure will expand the required directories and files.
Copy the installation file, provided by the development team or obtained from the Download page, to this directory.
Uncompress using the following command:


tar -xzf csgrid-<version>.tgz

Basic Configuration

In the following section you will see how to set up a basic configuration to run the CSGrid server and the SGA server. For more advanced configurations you can consult the sections CSGrid Server Configuration and SGA servers configuration.

CSGrid Server
To set up the CSGrid server, you have to define the following properties in the file csgrid-<version>/config/


# Server Name = <CSGrid server’s name>
# Server hostname
Server.hostName = <server machine host name>
# Server IP address
Server.hostAddr = <server machine ip address>


SGA server
The SGA’s configuration is defined in the file csgrid-<version>/config/sgad-cnf.lua. The following example illustrates how to configure a SGA: 


  csbase_name = "csgrid",
  csbase_platform_id = "Linux26g4_64",
  csbase_num_processors = 2,


  • csbase_name is the hostname
  • csbase_platform_id is the platform identifier, same as the TEC_UNAME environment variable
  • csbase_num_processors is the number of processors on the machine

After setting up the CSGrid and SGA server, you can run both using the following script located in the csgrid-<version>/bin directory:


./csgrid start
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