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In the next sections we present the elements that contain the algorithm configurator.

For each one of the elements described, we also present their respective attributes. The types of attributes can be the following:

  • string: is a chain of characters.
    E.g.: "John", "abcD1234", "01234".
  • booleano: is a boolean value, true or false (not case sensitive).
  • inteiro: an integer value.
    E.g.: "0", "10", -130".
  • real: a real value.
    E.g.: "0.21", "10.10".
  • lista: is a comma separated set of values of the above types. For example:
    List of integer values: "1, 2, 10, 100"
    List of real values: "10.1, 20.6"
    List of strings: "INITCHR, John, 1245abcd"
  • enumeração: a value of a set of pre-defined words.
    The accepted values are listed in the attribute and no other value is considered valid.
    E.g..: One of the options "UP", "DOWN", "RIGHT" ou "LEFT".

The attributes marked with * are mandatory.

The elements are:

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