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Research topics


There are a number interesting research topics that emerged from the CAS Project, some of these topics are still future works while others are currently been explored by our R&D team:

  • Evolutionary document generation, i.e., to support generated documents as input media, so that documents could evolve during successive recording sessions

  • Scalable capturing and document generation for large-scale events

  • Live transmission of an on-going recording event, where documents could be continuously constructed and transmitted at the same time using a technology like NCLEdit

  • Definition of standard ontologies to describe physical environments, live events and social interaction

  • Definition of families of documents using a template language such as NCL’s TAL (Template Authoring Language) for different kinds of events

  • Development of a visual tool to support the post-production stage to adjust synchronization, navigational aspects, and also generation of different document formats

  • Support for active and distributed document presentation using multiple devices in the access stage, similar to MDCS

  • Support media sharing at the acquisition stage, so users can share content during event recording process

  • Support for automatic linking between documents, enabling a hypermedia navigation accross related documents

  • Support for a more automated captured experience in terms of deployment, presently our setup depends on some initial installation and configuration steps in order to bring up components and services

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