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What activities are supported?


The CAS infrastructure supports common operations for handling media recording in ubiquitous environments, such as:

  • Support for cross-platform recording and acquisition of different types of media
  • Data transferring and storage
  • Media transformation and post-processing
  • Generation and publication of browsable documents (currently NCL and HTML5 are supported)

The activities supported by the CAS infrastructure can be controlled by two different approaches: programmatically, with dynamic scripts on top of the provided API and/or by composition and extension of available components; or interactively, through a control panel where a system administrator takes explicit actions guiding the process. Media acquisition is performed by software units named SpeedCars (SpEcializED CApture driveRS), components for recording specific media acting as drivers for different devices and platforms. Currently, we have developed SpeedCars for PC (Windows, Linux) and Android environment, they can be used to capture media such as video, audio, slide presentations and text. In addition, we are currently working on prototypes over the TinyOS environment to capture sensor data in WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) topologies.


How it works?

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